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Alien Hunt 3D is a third person shooter quite unlike any you've seen out there. Built to be played on any PC in the world, it is the lightest and most system friendly third person shooter game on any PC game platform. Built utilizing mini laptops, the game runs perfectly on them and even systems with lower specs.

And the game play is perfect for all ages, you simply need to get a copy. Aliens have overrun the planet and have taken residence over several homes. Your job and mission, flush out the aliens occupying those homes and make sure you eliminate them all.

There's a kink though, your alien cannon, an EMP weapon for zapping aliens actually draws on your health when fired and you can't be too zealous when blasting aliens or you end up dead.

However, aliens can be targeted and blasted, even through walls so that's a plus for you. Just make sure you don't get too close to them however as they're toxic, even through walls.

We've identified three alien types out there. They are

The Reds: - The most aggressive type of aliens

The Yellows: - These cause light disturbances when threatened

The Blues: - These can teleport you to other areas of the stage where you meet the more malevolent types.

You have been provided with a map which is critical to help tracking aliens as their positions are outlined on it, your own position shows up as a blinking white dot. Mastering use of your map is a key factor in this game and will determine how far you go.


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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